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I never played any mages (only adepts) since when I started playing, it was a new gm to the game and wanted to flesh it out, so no deckers or mages were allowed. That was some time ago, but I haven't played in a long time cause I live in a crappy town now where no one plays. Anyway, question is, what would be the advantage to taking a spell like increase reflexes +3 at a higher force? What effect does force have on a speel like that, unless (for some odd reason) you're trying to give it to an unwilling subject?
Well, Increase Reflexes can only be cast on a voluntary target in any case. I believe the main argument for higher-force versions of such spells is that being higher force makes them harder for an opposing spellcaster to dispel.
Guess I didn't think about that. Even still, theres gotta be a bigger disadvantage than that for only taking it at force 1
The White Dwarf
The only advantage/disadvantage for various forces on a spell youll only ever practically cast on yourself are few. It matters for dispelling, dealing with some wards, and for a sustaining focus. The lower force focus is much easier to destory in astral combat, but on the upside it counts as less towards your active focus limit. There is little reason not to use this spell on yourself as a magician, but there are some; including the way spellcasting dice are allocated, the drain, and the focus limitations, it takes starting spell points, etc. While how much of an issue these things are is open for debate in your games, theres generally little consequence for "mage wired reflexes".
Force 5 Wards are common in most games. Considering you'd have it 'sustained' at moments when you need it most, chances are good that you'll have it sustained for warded areas. Takes at LEAST a Force 3 Sustaining Foci to break through a Force 5 Ward.

Personally, I took it at Force 6 for Quickening. TN 12 (double the force) is so incredibly difficult to dispel that nothing short of a Dragon stands a chance.

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