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Full Version: And another self-centered PC
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Okey, ran a session couple of days ago.
Situation was as following:
After learning some info about himself (he requested full body scan) player went to chief of hospital and 1) with threatening got password to most protected files and copied them; 2) after that killed him and retreated. Well, he got quite lucky rolls when retreating.

a)How much would you valuate such a database (client personal data, medical data and such stuff within something like 2400 those Mflops (or what was that termin).
b) how much time would take downloading them? So I can see how much he was able to download within few minutes... That laptop really didn't have any programming stuff, just plain OS and connection.
c) Who would get pissed off for that? He can hide from police, of course. But I do not like idea of going around and killing such persons without serious problems.
So, I am willing to send after him some assassins of VIP people whose info he copied, because police WILL get his data (who he is and all other) - he was in hospital for few days and police will examine video information.

Are there other things that I can launch at him?
Detection spells? Other dangerous stuff? Anything that does not sound like shooting birds with cannon (idea of tanks coming after him is too much).
Or maybe he will be sold bo those people to who he will offer that database?
Any info will be analysed, because there are no easy ways in becoming rich smile.gif

Sounds much like thread with tank-killing troll mage, I am afraid.
But those questions seem to be eternal.
A laptop probably can't hold more all that many patient files. Check Man and Machine for the amount of space a single surgical plan/medical profile requires. In a few minutes, he could probably have filled the whole thing up, though.

As for who would get pissed off... depends on whether or not they figure out whose data he got. Most internal stuff they could rearrange, but personal files... well, if it gets out, the victim will be after him (if they figure out who he is).
Well, the repercussions will be directly proportionate to the value of the data stolen. So if the runner sells the stuff for a million nuyen, a red samurai-level hit team is to be expected. If the data is only personnal files of a bunch of joe averages, the corp might simply let it go and deny that the data was stolen at all to avoid bad PR.

I just re-read your post, and I noticed you're saying police knows who did it cause he was in the hospital for a few days. Well, tell your player to make a new character sheet. They have ritual samples. 'Nuff said.
You may also want to consider who was providing security for the hospital. This turkey waltzes in steals protected files and kills a doctor. Does not make the security provider look good. So your player may have more than one group looking for him. If you wanted to be truly mean you could make the records that he stole be the missing key that a shadow team needs to locate a drake for one of the great drakes. In which case he may get it from both ways as one team hunts him for the info and another team (or the drake) attemptes to erase the records and him in self defence.
QUOTE (Backgammon)
They have ritual samples.

Ouch, I missed that one. LoneStar cop with his eight elementals shows up to scope out the character and his surroundings while his buddies whip up a force 10 stunball to make sure he comes along quietly. Fun smile.gif

From a strictly profit standpoint, I'd dig out Matrix and roll some paydata numbers. It's quite possible he got nothing of use out of the files he stole, and it's possible he got something good. It all depends on what he specificly looked for and what he managed to grab. Surgical plans, for instance, take up quite a bit of MP (30-50 MP each) and are likely of little use for him.
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