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I was curious as to whether or not anyone here who had been playing SR4 had decided to try and incorporate any of the SR3 sourcebook material (adept powers, spells, cyberware, etc) into their SR4 games. Since many people have been loathe to adapt SR4 because (among other reasons) they're sitting on dozens of sourcebooks for SR3 with all the fleshed out rules, bonus abilities, and cyber-zombietastic drakeness they could hope for.

I myself have been thinking about either adapting some of my SR3 NPCs, or fleshing out a few characters concepts that I'd set up or worked out before. Problem is, with all of that material that (more or less) could or should exist in 2070, these characters either had some of these powers or gear, or I'd like them to. I'd just as soon start now without waiting for the magic/matrix/cyber sourcebooks for SR4. So I was wondering if anyone has undergone this procedure with any amount of success?
the easiest way I found to convert bio/cyberware from 3rd to 4th was to find an object used in both versions, compare the price and essense % differences, and apply that to the item you want to convert.

For Adept Powers do the same, find a common power in both games, check out the pp cost, and give the 3rd edition power a proper cost, and alter the rules to keep it fair to the game

NPC's are simple, just add some made up stats to go into the new stats, change some skills around and keep everything like it was, hey they're a npc, not a pc
some stuff has been converted, some not. do a search, you should find at least a fair amount of it done.
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