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Full Version: Ritual Tracking
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Two questions arose while researching ritual tracking. I attempted a search with the word 'ritual' and nothing related came back. So I'll try picking some brains.

1) Does ritual targeting during tracking occur instantly, or is there a base time?
-ritual sorcery's base time to target is the force divided by targeting test successes

2) Is there a material cost for ritual tracking?
-I was thinking of making it cost 400ny, the same as a F4 ritual sorcery detection spell.

I have searched the Sr3 magic section and Mits ritual section.
1) Uh... I'm confused by the quesiton, so I'll just say: Ritual Tracking takes time to achieve.

2) No cost. But you need a sample.
Well no problem. All I can find is that ritual tracking is just like ritual sorcery, but without the sorcery. This helps me little, but I'll just forge my own way. I was planning on having no cost for materials (other than the lodge/circle they should already have), but making a 4 hour base time during the targeting phase.

These should be the 4 phases to ritual tracking.
1) set up
2) targeting
3) astral tracking
4) drain
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