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Full Version: 3rd Edition Tables
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One thing I didn't care for in 3rd edition was that the various tables weren't collected altogether in the back of the book. Making it so that you have to search through the book to find what your looking for. (yes I know there's an index. Thank God.) Question is there anyone here who has a collection of tables or knows where one can be found?


most are on the gm screen that comes with the critters book
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McMackie's site has pretty much every table in the SR3 rulebook collected in a file called 'The Lost Tables'. Unbelievably helpful for GMing, I've found.
You bet! smile.gif
most are on the gm screen that comes with the critters book

Sorry danbot but the gm screen has little other than combat tables on it. Not very helpful when you are trying to find out how much a character is going to have to spend for medical care or other things not related to combat.
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