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Full Version: Match grade ammo
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I'm running a SR3 Merc game and I have a player who is a sniper. He wants to be able to reload empty shell casings and make match grade ammo. Does anyone have any ideas about how I could apply the effects of match grade or custom ammo in the game. Also do people still do that in the 2060's?

There's nothing to suggest that it wouldn't still be done in the 2060's.
Hey, Thanks a-lot!!
Out of curiosity, Raygun, are you going to post the modified Essence costs for your Smartlink components when installed in cyberlimbs?
Now that you mention it, I probably should, yeah.
Match Grade ammo, and all sorts of modified ammo will always exist, but beyond the stuff that is already in the books (ie: Hi-C, Glazers, Mercury, Ex, et cetera), I wouldn't apply modifiers, advantages, or anything.

Basically, that's because the SR system just isn't intricate enough for that. (Although Raygun's done lots of stuff with guns there just isn't that much room for a sensible "custom" or match grade ammo)

There's already the bonus that a lot of people play with for custom guns (+1 die), which is overpowered, so what could you add for ammo? Maybe +1 power, or a bit of range, but it would be rather iffy. Increased range (accuracy basically) would be reasonable, but not very potent.

I'd suggest an extra 5 - 10% range if anything, but that'd be about it.
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