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Full Version: Rumors of Stiggy's demise.
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Stiggybaby's great online store will be opening under new management. The deals keep coming. Linky.
Still looks closed to me.
Did you read the message? They plan to re-open in a few weeks to a month.
Which (1) means it's "still closed," and (2) equals anywhere between two months and three years, in gamer time.
Oh yea of little faith. Don't you know that everything on the internet is binding by law?
Never said they were "curently open." Just that they "will be opening under new management."

Forget the whole thing if all you want to do is give grief over trying to help out.

I thought I might ry these forums again after SR4 came out and the vitriol subsided. Guess I was right the first time.
"Risen" is past tense. "Will rise" is more appropriate here.

So they'll be open before Duke Nukem Forever hits shelves, right?
QUOTE (Pthgar)
Did you read the message? They plan to re-open in a few weeks to a month.

Yes, it is the same message they have displayed for the last month.

You got my hopes up that they were actually to the point of re-opening, only to have those hopes smashed to smithereens when I followed the link.
I know the feeling. I was gonna try to pick up some old FASA ED books at that nice 50% off, and when I finally got some cash, they'd 'closed indefintely'. I guess someone else decided to buy all their stock and run it as usual, which probably means prices will be back to normal too. frown.gif
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