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Full Version: No more Marketplace?
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Since it looks like commercial enterprises can pimp their wares here and I don't see a marketplace any more, here are some items offered for trade. Now if I could only get a sticky. wink.gif

Items Available for Trade
7101 1st Edition Hardback
7102 1st Edition GM Screen and Silver Angel
7103 Sprawl Sites
7105 Paranormal Animals of North America
7106 The Grimoire
7107 Virtual Realities
7108 Rigger Black Book
7109 Shadowbeat
7112 Paranormal Animals of Europe
7113 Corporate Shadowfiles
7114 Fields of Fire
7117 Bug City
7118 Corporate Security Handbook
7119 Cybertechnology
7122 Portfolio of a Dragon
7123 Underworld Sourcebook
7124 Cyberpirates!
7125 Corporate Download
7202 Native American Nations Volume 1
7203 London Sourcebook
72054 Universal Brotherhood (with Missing Blood)
7205 Queen Euphoria
7206 NeoAnarchists Guide to North America
7207 Native American Nations Volume 2
7208 NeoAnarchists Guide to Real Life
7301 DNA/DOA
7302 Mercurial
7303 Dreamchipper
7305 Bottled Demon
7306 Harlequin
7307 Dragon Hunt
7308 Total Eclipse
7312 One Stage Before
7317 Paradise Lost
7331 Brainscan
7901 2nd Edition Soft Cover
7902 2nd Edition GM Screen (no Contacts book or cut outs)
7903 The Grimoire
26000 4th Edition Hard Cover
26001 4th Edition Hard Cover (limited edition)

Books with a line through them have a trade pending.

I am looking to trade some of these for some of the newest books like Loose Alliances, so someone who has had a hard time finding something to complete their collection might trade a readily available book. PM me if interested in a trade (or cash to buy a book, it certainly costs less to ship.)  When the new releases come out, I obviousely would not yet have them, so would be interested in trading some of the duplicates I do have.

It also looks like I could use Target: Wastelands, R3 Revised and maybe the Character Dossier.  I am also looking for a total of (2)SR3, (4)R3R, (3)Matrix, (3)SotA63, (3)SotA64, (3)SSG, (2)CC, (2)M&M, (2)SRComp, (2)MitS to give as Christmas presents. I would probably take a MJLBB in place of a SSG.

I'm in the 47404 zip code if you wonder about shipping. Most times the books will fit in a priority mailer for about $5 shipping in the US.
I've got claim on the SR2 softcover and Lone Star. Take 'em and I'll keel ya! vegm.gif
Set up a forum with rules and submission guidelines and see who submits.

There are a few on that list that I may be interested in, but I am currently bidding on a 66 book lot right now.

Fiction is fun, I will probably participate and suggest you advertise it on the Shadowrun Writers' Forum as well.
What rules and guidelines would you suggest?
QUOTE (tanka)
I've got claim on the SR2 softcover and Lone Star. Take 'em and I'll keel ya! vegm.gif

fine, you get those, i get the three corp books (corp shadowfiles corp security handbook and corp download) i need those books for a run i'm building
I've already got two of them, so that doesn't matter to me much. nyahnyah.gif
Just lemme know what sort of guidelines/rules you've got for stories, when the deadline is, and how many different stories we're allowed to submit. wink.gif
Anyone thinking they were SOL of getting a SR4 Limited Edition? How about trading SR3, M&M, CC, MitS, R3 Revised, Matrix, SRComp, SotA63, SotA64, and SSG for one? It may seem like a lot for 1 book, but I've seen 5 of those listed go in lots for less than $3 a piece. The LE is going for $70 and up.

The LEs are unused and I'd like the traded books to be in good enough condition for Christmas gifts.

I would like to get a total of (2)SR3, (4)R3R, (3)Matrix, (3)SotA63, (3)SotA64, (3)SSG, (2)CC, (2)M&M, (2)SRComp, (2)MitS. I would probably take a MJLBB in place of a SSG.
Too late for Christmas, maybe next year.

There is an idea of what I'm looking for and what I can trade. I don't think I'm looking for anything rare, but have a few hard to find items I'd like to stretch as far as possible.
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