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Full Version: New Flaw/Edge for a character of a friend
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I have a friend that is making a character based off of him self. And he is very, I don't know how to say it, but he can make friends easily, but when he is hurt by a relationship he is hell to be around. He made this flaw/edge for him self, but it too scared to become a member on this forum. I am not sure the name fits, but that was all I could think of, maybe some of you would be as kind to suggest a better name that fits the flaw/edge. So without further ado here is the custom flaw/edge.

Overly Empathic -4/+1

Effect: You are very sensitive to others feelings and moods, thus allowing you to interact with them better. But you are also more easily hurt by relation ships at the same time. You are able to converse with people better by sensing there mood, you receive a -1 TN modifier for general etiquette tests. But at the same time you are easily hurt by those you get close to, when ever you are crossed or put down it any way, make a willpower(persons charisma + 2) test to resist from being hurt, you must get 2 success or more to pass the test. If you fail the test you receive a +2 modifier to all charisma linked skill for a number of days equal to the persons charisma + 1 per week of close social interaction.
Dude, he better bring some rocking skills to the table.

Bring the girlfriends jokes on, I could use some new ammunition for the put down cannon, mine are getting old and just piss him off. I haven't seen his character yet, but he is playing a decker with some elements of a marksman and face from what he has told me, the last few he has made where good. So I figure this one will be of the same caliber, well I think it will be.
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