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Full Version: What would you be?
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Okay, heres my question with a little bit of info:

I am thinking of playing a full cyborg character. We obviously have some house rules we are trying out here, just for info. One of them being a change where meta-human stats are represented in the cyber-limbs.

So, heres my dilema. I can't decide on what character type I should play, so I figured I'd ask some opinions.

1. The Borg Elf: Eventually will have an Agility of 12, and can have a body 9, strenght 9. (We have diff capacity rules) I picture him with a sleek, shiny chromed out body and wielding a katana.

2. The Ork Borg: Eventually have a strength of 12, Body of 13(?) and Agility 9...if all works well. One important thing to note is we houseruled the lifting rules, made a progressive chart similair to ones that have been posted here. A Strength 9 character (Elf) can lift 1000ish pounds, and a strength 12 character would lift about 1900 pounds.

I like that. I think it would be neat to play the strong guy, but am attracted to the coolness of an agile, metal elf.

Whats your opinion?

P.S. and please don't atack me about the mentioned house rules. I am not saying that you have to adopt them or like them, just asking your opinion if given these choises within the (house)rules...

I like the idea of the Borg-Elf myself.

Though if you want a role-playing stretch. Because the character has a full body replacement you could go for the Orc-Borg Elf Poser. Buy it like an Elf get all the cyberware and in the background say he was born an orc. (With GM's permission, of course.)
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