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Full Version: [RL] Jetpack
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one thing that bothers me is that he didnt start from the ground. but other then that its a interesting way of getting out of a building after a botched run nyahnyah.gif
Doesnt' SR already have this in the form of the Nightglider?
hmm, book?
Yikes! This is perfect for those times when an Ultralight just doesn't seem flimsy enough.

Oh, and the Night Glider is in fields of Fire. It's essentially a powered hang glider that can be dis-assembled into two very large duffle bags.
Not to be a killjoy, (I'd be first in line to try this thing if I could afford it,) but apart form being a "high tech" version, it doesn't seem much different from a hang glider, or an ultralight, or a parasail.
Well, it has those two jets, for that last minute of emergency "some powered flight would be REAALLLY good about now," that can let you climb up.
It certainly makes the James Bond "Switchblade" seem a bit less sci-fi.
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