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Full Version: The ugly dwarf in Year of the Comet
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I'm not sure if this has been divulged by a freelancer or not, but earlier tonight I was thinking about the scarred, tough-looking dwarf that appeared at a meeting in Denver about the Ghostwalker phenomenon. Was it ever clearly stated or implied who this is? I had a horrible thought, based upon my dim recollection that either Icewing or Mountainshadow, in Earthdawn, granted immortality to the dwarven royal family prior to the Scourge. Was that guy some sort of immortal dwarf?
Don't recall any dwarf there.. I just remember his ork 'voice'. But for a little back ground, the potions that Icewing gave to the kings of Throal (3 in all IIRC) only [I]extended[I] life spans. King Varulus' 'wasting disease' was actually just the potion wearing off. Don't think there's any immortal dwarves. Do you havea quote from YOTC handy to show us you're referring to specifically by any chance?
Page 66, first paragraph.
ya' see, I was more looking for a [quote], 'cause i don't have my book here with me. I won't until I get home in the next 3 hours, and was hoping for something to look at now-ish to try to give you a more informed answer. smile.gif
QUOTE (Wireknight)
that either Icewing or Mountainshadow, in Earthdawn, granted immortality to the dwarven royal family prior to the Scourge.

The dwarven kings didn't receive immortality. They were give a mixture that would longer their life, but won't make them immortal. Varulus I. and II. died in old age, but of natural reason, while Varulus III. was murdered.
yeah, what he said. Quote WK?
QUOTE ("Page 66 @ YotC")

Anyway, I had one hand on the disconnect button and the other on the keystroke to switch cameras, debating which course of action was better for my health and peace of mind, when the last man in walks up to our blonde oddball. This last guy was a halfer who was so ugly that I imagine he stands out anywhere he goes--not only would children run away from him, but I'd expect grown men to. He had dirty blonde hair pulled back into a braid that rested on his shoulder, a prize-fighter's nose, bugged-out eyes and a harelip. I was afraid the camera would bust. He looked more than capable of picking up and tossing Ms. Daviar's date, but he was fairly deferential towards Mr. Blonde Guy.

(Note: The person making the Shadowland post is convinced that Mr. Blonde Guy is Ghostwalker in human form.)

If FASA or FanPro shows up, I was never here.
SL James
He should at least consider growing a mustache.
Thanks SD/
Honestly, no idea who he is. I haven't seen anything else on him that I can recall either. Icewing/Ghostwalker was always real big on spirits and drakes, but I don't see him having the time to whip up a drake within just a month or two of arriving. Unless he had one on ice somewhere or something. But anything that can take out Ryan Mercury has got to be pretty good, at least as he's written in the DHT.

Free spirit maybe?

Random thought though; how come GW is blond here, and white haired in every other appearance? I guess he can just change his form, but they do tend to stick to the same from. Probably nothing more to it than different people writing it though.
Ancient History
Y'all ever recall a certain dwarf from the Secrets of Power Trilogy?
No. question.gif
nope, never got through that one. Well.. the first book, but I remember that much like I remember what happened the night of a heavy bender, but three years later.: someone mentions something that happened and I think "that seems vaguely familiar". Pour qui?
The cybered dwarf mercenary? He seemed more like throwaway muscle, not someone who'd be trucking with the major players of the current Shadowrun era.
I think you may be thinking about Grinder from the Dragon Heart Trilogy. Still wondering if he's the same one that ends up running the Red Hot Nukes though.
No, on both counts. The Grinder who runs the Red Hot Nukes is an adept, not a cyborg, and the mercenary from the Secrets of Power Trilogy is initially hunting Sam Verner. I forget whether or not he makes any further appeareances, though he is present at the start of Never Trust An Elf.
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