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Full Version: [News] Mercs get anti-piracy contract in Somalia
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BBC News story

Damn, this brings up too many ideas.

Daamn straight. That would be hella awesome.
and i thought stuff like that only happend in movies nyahnyah.gif

reality is more "creative" then fiction after all...
It surprises me that the Somalian Govt. has 50M to fork over.
They have a government? I thought it was all warlords.
government in exile then maybe?
SL James
I guess Blackwater is too busy in Iraq and New Orleans, which is a shame since it was founded by former SEALs and all. Or maybe it's because this has little to nothing to actually do with mercs.

The article's first paragraph mentions it is the transitional government of Somalia and the article and the firm's website describes the contract as forming the Somali Coast Guard since the firm isn't so much mercs as it is a powerboat company that provides tactical boat training (although I question the legitimacy of a firm who claims to have a contract with the DEA and then gets the name of the agency wrong). They aren't actually doing any fighting, just training Somalis to drive power boats (their power boats).

Mercs... Yeah. That's it. That's what the article said...
You know, reading the article usually helps.
Here's another article about the topic. Take it with a grain of salt if ya want, I just like reading from this site.
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