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Full Version: A new type of focus
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Expendable Spirit Focus
Expendable spirit foci are enchanted to provide a boost of energy for conjuring or banishing a single spirit. Once the focus is used, its energy is spent and the focus is consumed. Expendable foci are popular because they do not require any Karma to bond, and are inexpensive.
An expendable spirit focus provides extra dice for use in summoning, controlling and banishing a single type of elemental or nature spirit. The type of spirit (water elemental, desert spirit and so on) must be declared when the focus is purchased.
An expendable spirit focus provides a number of additional dice equal to its Force for any Conjuring or Drain Resistance Test involving a spirit of its type. Once ctivated, the Force of the focus can be applied as additional dice for either the Conjuring Test or the Drain Resistance Test, but not both.

Cost to bond- 0
Cost- 2000xForce nuyen.gif

The price is based of the difference in price between Specific Spell Foci and Spirit Foci.

What do you folks think? Yes, most of the text is copy/pasted from the appropriate sections of the SR3 BBB PDF.
It is VERY expensive....
And it costs 1/30th of the equivalent non-expendable Spirit Focus.

And if you have a decent talismonger and an Enchanting Skill of 6, you can whip a batch equal to your Int up over a few days for a few hundred nuyen.gif each (1 Radical Iron Unit, 1 Radical Lead unit, 1 Radical Tin unit, the latter two of which are probably mixed into Radical Solder and used to hold together the bits of Radical Iron).
QUOTE (Oracle @ Nov 30 2005, 07:29 AM)
It is VERY expensive....

All foci are, expendable or not.
As long as it is more expensive than conjuring materials, it will only be considered for stronger elementals, where drain has to be considered. If time is not of concern, you would be better of conjuring another time for additional services, throwing your conjuring dice another time instead of additional dice at the first attempt.
For mages, sure. For shamans who summon spirits on the spot, it's a different matter. This would let them whip out bigger spirits or ones with more services in a tight spot.
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