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Full Version: Someone posted a guide to maximizing BP efficiency
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emo samurai
I've lost track of where it is. Could someone post the link to it again? It compared the amount of build points needed to get skills/edges/stats to the amount of karma points needed to do the same. It would be really useful.
emo samurai
Dang, did you forget your daily meds? You're really living up to your handle right now. Please don't get emotional and beg like that. Well, actually, go ahead, it's fun to watch. nyahnyah.gif

edit: Plus, to nip this in the bud, I'm being silly and facetious. But still, don't beg, it's unbecoming to do that. You have to give us time and if not, when you do the repost to keep it fresh, just type in 'bump'. We understand that you're keeping the thread alive.
is this what you mean?

QUOTE (franktrollman)

Here's the cost efficiency of various things in Karma/BP:

Attributes 5-6: 139% (18 Karma/25 BP)
Attributes 1-6: 108% (60 Karma/65 BP)
Attributes 3-6: 100% (45 Karma/45 BP)
Specializations: 100% (2 Karma/2 BP)
Skills 0-4: 73% (22 Karma/16 BP)
Spells: 60% (5 Karma/3 BP)
Skills 0-6: 55% (44 Karma/ 24 BP)
Positive Qualities: 50% (10 Karma/5 BP)
Skills 4-6: 36% (22 Karma/8 BP)
Skills 5-6: 33% (12 Karma/4 BP)
Skills 6-7: 29% (28 Karma/8 BP)
Complex Forms 0-6: 27% (22 Karma/6 BP)

OK, what does that mean? It means that if you have Aptitude you want to start with your seven, because it is totally inefficient to buy it up to seven later. It means that you want to start with as many of the positive qualities as you are going to ever want. It means that you want to start with one skill as high as it will go (I reccomend a skill that is not in a skill group like Perception) rather than multiple skills at 5. It means that an attribute should start at 5 or 1. It means that you should buy as many points of skills as you can.

i donno what the thread was, i saw he reposted it in another one today i think it was
that's a part of the information... it covered more than just what's in that little part there i think.
The real one was called something like Character Creation minmaxing 101, and I can't find it for the life of me....
Eyeless Blond
This, you mean.

Hint: Search is your friend.
I did search, but the forum kept giving me errors....
Gothic Rose
QUOTE (Squinky)
I did search, but the forum kept giving me errors....

That's because you did it wrong.

Search uses KeyWORD.


WORD. Not WORDS. smile.gif
emo samurai
How's this for not acting "emo?" "Thanks, chummer."

But seriously, "bump" was too boring.
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