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Turjon Apocritus
Hello all

I am in need of assistance and the book doesn't quite give me the answer i need. In a recent session a PC was involved in a vehicle chase with two motorcycles. the motorcycles won the vehicle test and moved to short range in front of the PC. One of the motorcycle drivers wanted to through a grenade at the PC's car.

The issue i am having is with the rules for timed explosions and initiative it says the item will detonate/explode the next IP on the same initiative score. So how does this work with vehicle speeds and the movement of vehicles during chase combat.

I guess it means that throwing a grenade at a moving vehicle is pretty useless - its most likely to bounce off, hit the ground and be left behind. This makes sense to me.

There are a couple of options. Have the NPCs throw the grenade through the window and inside the car or have them use grenade launchers with the grenade link feature so the grenade detonates on impact.

i thought all launched grenades detonated on impact unless set for air burst
Now that I look at it, its not that clear - but I'm think I'm correct.

Under the heading "Timing Grenades" on page 145..

As noted under Timed Items and Initiative (p. 135),
a grenade detonates on the next Initiative Pass using the
Initiative Score of the character who threw it (unless the attacker
is using an airburst link, see p. 310, in which it detonates
on that Action Phase).

This rule seams to apply to both launched and thrown grenades.

The confusion comes in the preceding paragraph on GL minimum range.

The shortest possible range for grenade launchers is given
as 5 meters because the mini-grenades fired from standard
grenade launchers do not actually arm until they have traveled
about that distance. They do not detonate if they hit anything
before traveling five meters—a safety feature in case of accidental
misfire. Disarming this safety feature requires a simple adjustment
to the grenade with an Armorer + Logic (4, 10 minutes)
Extended Test.

This seems to imply that a launched grenade detonates on impact, unless it has travelled less than 5m. However, I think the section on timed grenades is correct and this just means that the grenade won't detonate unless it travels more than 5m.
i would say that part is intended more as a "if it hits something before travelling five meters, it won't arm itself".

not to indicate it goes off on impact if it travels more than 5 meters.

so, basically, even if it bounces off a wall that's 5 m away and comes back another 4 meters (thus moving a total of 9 meters) it would still not go off.

but that's just how i read it, personally.
I agree with Jaid, I just don't think I put it quite so clearly.

Personally, i always let my player set their grenade on impact if they choose so.

The benefit is that it bust when it toutch someting. The risk is that if the roll is poor and the scatter is great, you have a chance to go boom.

Unless stated otherwise, i think the grenade explode on the next initiative pass after it was thrown.

I never got trouble with that.


PS(I also let my player put a timer on grenade, from 3 seconds to 5 minutes)
Grenades are wireless capable in 2070, meaning that the rangefinder on the character's smartgun should be able to remote detonate a grenade when it reaches the appropriate distance, blasting the car to smithers whether you get it through a window or not.

Of course, it means that a Hacker could plausibly remote operate the grenades you are carrying...

The grenade rounds that are launched from weapons such as the M-203 (or in game, the Antioch) don't actually arm themselves for a bit of travel after exiting the barrel. If they hit something before they arm, they thunk into it. (Which isn't to say you'd want to pick it up and play with it, but it doesn't go off on impact until armed.)

See the following link. Note that every explosive round listed has an "arming range".
40mm grenade launcher ammunition.

After arming, however, they do detonate on impact. That's how they work.
QUOTE (FrankTrollman)
Grenades are wireless capable in 2070

That is such a frightening thought...

explosives do _not_ need their own websites. wink.gif

But hand grenades sound like a great app for skinlinking. A SG link sends range to the grenade, which uses a conservative best-guess of time of flight in the throw. It might roll around near the target a little, but not long enough to pick up and throw back.
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