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Full Version: Samantha Villiers Location
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In a game I'm running Samantha's location is going to become an important issue in the near future. I don't believe there are any canon resources that specify what has happened to her recently but I figured that it would be good to pose these questions to the experts.

To that end:
  • Where is Samantha Villiers?
  • Is she still friendly with Richard? (This was implied in Corporate Download if I recall correctly)
  • Would having her attached as a consultant for the Horizon Group be a reasonable guess if there is no canon answer?

NOTE: I apologize if I have Ms. Villiers first name wrong. I think that its correct though.
Samantha is correct, and in System Failure they seemed fairly friendly in fact it was implied they still slept together occasionally. In New Seattle she was Novatech's Seattle Division head.

Just because I was curious I ran a search on Samantha Villiers in the PDF version of SR4, 0 hits.
I'm halfway through System Failure where it mentions her attempting to buy Renraku stock. Don't know where that is going, but you might read that book for some more info.
I don't think the Renraku stock buy went past idle speculation, just a comment to bring Sherman Huang's attempted buyout blunder in to the fiction part of that chapter. I'd like to know more about Cara Villiers, she could be a real force in the future.
Samantha and Caroline Tara (Cara) Villiers have been two of my favorite "NPC's", especially since the novel Night's Pawn (which I highly recommend). Scouring the books I came up with the following timeline pre System Failure. IMO are my guesses

2005 - Richard Villiers born (approx from First Run)
2011 - Samantha Farrraday born (Blood in the Boardroom - 40's in late 2060)
2027 - Richard gets Oxford degree (IMO)
2029 - Richard gets Harvard MBA (IMO)
2032 - Sam gets MIT&T Engineering degree (some Sloan classes) (IMO)
2029-2033 Richard is corporate venture capitalist shark (IMO)
2032 - they meet (IMO)
2033 - get married (IMO) and Cara born (Night's Pawn)
by 2047 -Sam is head of Fuchi Systems Design Group (NP)
2049 - Cara leaves home in a huff (NP)
late 2049 - Sam divorces Richard (CD)
2053 - events of Night's Pawn
2053 - Cara becomes a runner called Rouge. Sam occasionally hires runners to keep an eye on her (CD)
2058 - Sam sells her shares of Fuchi
by 2061 - Sam is head of Novatech's Seattle division

In System Failure it appears Sam and Richard are still divorced and perhaps a little friendlier than in the 50's. Cara appears to have left her runner days and gone corporate. Reconciling Night's Pawn with this is possible, and could flesh out her background better.
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