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Full Version: App for NPCs and places?
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Do any of you have any applications you use to keep track of NPCs (incl contacts) your players meet, and places they go?

I'd prefer something standalone, rather than a form for Access or something similar.

I actually use the extremely low tech method of a box of 3x5 cards and a pencil for contacts and NPC's. Just prefer it to using the computer, that and you can easily scribble a note on a 3x5 card without your player noticing.
I'd have to agree, using cue cards is a method that Ive come to embrace, it allows you to have several npc's out, make stock npcs, have condition mods and everything on it, and all you need is a pencil.
I have a rule that no computers are allowed anywhere near the gaming table due to bad experiences with them in the past. A nice set of cue cards or a notepad is not only good because it's classic, but it's much less distracting, as well.

I've seen gaming groups who say they don't get distracted by a laptop at the table and even say it helps. I haven't seen an example of someone saying this while looking me in the eyes, though. They're too busy clicking away at a massive database of NPC's in one window, a dice roller in another, and solitaire in a third.

However, I guess that's a waste of your time. Anyone have the app he's looking for?
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