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Full Version: Political Structures in Shadowrun
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Quick question for all you Shadowrun gurus:

Does the United Nations, or a body like it, still exist? (My rulebook isn't close to hand)
Yes, see Loose Alliances for details.

Short version is that it's a puppet organization for the Corporate Court.
The UN does still exist, in a sort of " Look, we're the UN, we're still here" Sense. The organization that does what the UN is sort of suposed to do, as in act as an intermediary between nations to effect a global agreements on certain issues, that IS the corporate court, and they trot out the UN when they want to it to appear as if the corporations aren't dictating things to the nations.
Thanks very much for your prompt responses. smile.gif
Take a look at this thread:
I should read the Thread before replying ^^
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