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Full Version: SR4 Matrix in SR3
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I don't feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy all the SR4 books that are gonna come out, but I really like the idea of a WiFi world, and would like to convert the WiFi to SR3 rules.

Is there a simple way to do this? Anyone done it yet, so I don't have to? grinbig.gif

Ideas would be appreciated too.

Bullet Raven
keep everything the same, but just say it's wireless wink.gif
QUOTE (Bullet Raven)
keep everything the same, but just say it's wireless wink.gif

That seems too simple to be pausible, given how different they are nyahnyah.gif

I'm not so hot at making balanced stuff for Shadowrun, yet.

Maybe if someone explains/links me to an explanation of SR4 hacking rules, I can wing it.
well, i think it depends on how much of a conversion you want. If you "just want" a wireless world, then, yes, bullet's idea can work just fine. Claim that all Cyberdecks come installed with a wireless link, as well as any home made decks, for free. No changes in prices in either. Keep "the matrix" the same, no AR/VR seperation, and the character still goes semi limp (think, kneeling in a corner, or siting down somewhere.
The systems are highly incompatable with each other, being based on very different sets of core assumptions.

Even with years of SR rules experience, a summary of how hacking in SR4 would not be enough to try to retrofit the whole thing onto SR3. You'd really need to be able to sit down and pore over the whole hacking rules set in depth.

Having said that, if your goal is to have a WiFi world for SR3, all that is really needed is to stat out a new style of jackpoint that will represent your wireless connection.
SR4-style decking really would not be that difficult to retrofit. It'd take time, but the basic idea of "hack small things" isn't that difficult. Wireless is already in SR3, all it takes is a few words of fiat to make it widespread or prevalent. You fundamentally alter the setting, of course, but that's not something you can balance away—that's part of the basic assumptions of each method.

QUOTE (Bullet Raven)
keep everything the same, but just say it's wireless wink.gif

If the game ever becomes mine to run for any real length of time, it will be a combination of the two "matrix ideologies". Just like the real world now.

There will be "large monolithic systems" that you hack into if you're good enough. There will also be hacking into anything and everything that has any reason to be accessible. Electronics have computers too. I'll never start using the PAN though. Too silly for my tastes (even if there really is such a thing in RL; see bluetooth ski jacket; I won't use it in SR, too messy and flimsy an idea IMO).

But, right now I just fill in when "the new guy" (the guy we're slowly coaching into being a better GM) runs out of stuff or can't show.
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