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Full Version: RL News from Seattle
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This piece is from the Seattle Times Newpaper (sorry the writing for our local papers is teh suk) but is probably a good example of what shows up in the press when a 'run goes less than perfectly.
One of my partners in crime says it was probably parts of our team, and though i'm (my char anyways) in Seatle General, he's blaming it on me...he makes me wonder sometimes
Any f/u from the rl Seattle PD? gangs? mafia? Jashovah's witnesses?
No, pretty true to lonestar bform on that so far.

"It's a fairly complicated investigation with a large crime scene,"
so's Iraq but we know who's shooting whom there.
There just hasn't been any follow up in the newspapers that I've seen
It was'nt runners it was just some gangers pissed about Turf., it was the tongs vs some Natives.

But yeah thats a true SR encounter for the Star.
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