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Full Version: Fox Mentor Spirit
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One of my players wants to have a fox mentor spirit. So, I'm working out the game mechanics of it.

Advantage: +2 dice with Illusion spells and Con tests.
Disadvantage: ???

I need help with the disadvantage for this mentor spirit. I'm thinking of something that promotes the fox's use of cunning over raw power. So, I could go with a simple -1 die with Combat spells, but would prefer something more role-playing oriented. Do any of you have a suggestion?
for the silly: Auto-SURGES a fox tail

the not so silly: must make a test to engage in "straight" combat tactics (as opposed to an ambush or something else...foxy...)
You might also want to take the character's cultural background into consideration. Someone from an European or North American background would probably be well served by the test to actively make a direct combat action (which both incorporates the penalty, sorta, to combat spells as well as an RP element). But in most Asian folklores, for instance, the fox is seen more as a vicious and devious predator than a "brains over brawn" type, so the disadvantages given for Cat or Raven might be more appropriate. Or maybe just use the one set out in the previous addition - a mental test to spare a fallen enemy
Ask your player what he thinks would be fair, and why. Try to find out the exact image of Fox he has in his mind, and design acordingly.
In some cultures, the Fox is considered to be a trickster totem (as evidenced by your +2con). You could possibly require a willpower roll for a Fox to be straightforward about something when riddling or pranking is an option (even if more difficult), if the person does this often, then Fox would probably not look kindly. And this could apply to a lot of things -- relating a story, trying to convince someone to do something, combat {ie, Fox would probably be inclined to strike from hiding with an elaborate plan instead of charging in}, etc, etc.

Or, you could require a willpower roll for the Fox shaman not prank someone who takes themselves too seriously (Lonestar cops, for example).
Wasn't there an official Fox writeup somewhere in a previous edition? I mighta dreamed it.
Thanks for the replies everyone! I'll work with my player to finish this up.
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