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Full Version: how will the 6th world develop in the 2070's?
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just wondering in what direction the history/story of shadowrun will take in the 2070's

Just say anything!! talker.gif
for example will the so called **New revolution conspiricy** be successful or will some kind of counter-political movment emerge??
SL James
Movements. Many, many movements. All at odds with each other.
Omer Joel
QUOTE (boskop-albatros)
for example will the so called **New revolution conspiricy** be successful or will some kind of counter-political movment emerge??

Didn't they attempt a coup d'etat in 2064 and fail miserably?

Btw, I was thinking about an alternate history in which they have taken over and start a continent-wide war to "re-unite the USA"; a great setting for a resistance/semi-resistance campaign ala the "Dark Angel" TV series ("third-world America" atmosphere with an opressive state-machine), the "Freedom" TV series (good concept, not so good execution) or the "GURPS: Cyberworld" RPG setting. Even if politics aren't your cup of tea, guerillas need weapons and sometimes have money to pay for, so its smuggling season; and opressive governments need "paramilitares" - that is, Mercs - to do dirty work for. Not to mention corrupt totalitarian bureaucrats trying to grab power each other and willing to pay in favors or money to runners.
yes but I thought Collerton was part of the conspiricy? indifferent.gif
Omer Joel
Hmmm... So I might make her make her move sooner than 2070... to the same effect.
the coup in 2065 was suppossed to fail so collerton could get in I don't expect too much trouble till the 2072 elections--in the mean time the anti-conspiricy will coalesce (what ever it is...I've got ideas but I don't want to give them away) of course maybe collerton will be found out around the 2072 elections~if that happens even the UCAS might fragment into microcorp backed statesfor awhile---hell maybe the anti-new revolution will reunite NorthAmerica then (hint)
emo samurai
What about Japan? How do you think that will develop? More megacorp influence? Less? The rise of the power of resident kamis?
the mega's influence in Japan will say the same--but if the kami's power grow then the Megas will have to adapt to working with them I just wonder if there are any aniu left up in hokkido and the kurli's if they try to get their own independant state
I see Lung tightening his grip, however subtle and invisible it might be, on the nations of what used to be China and trying to bring more stability back to the place. Reunification would most likely take several more lifetimes rather than just a decade so maybe nothing that grand, just begin to build up power bases in the various nations and start subverting them. All the whilst still battling Ryumyo.
I wouldn't be surprised if freaky stuff involving Mars popped up in the next few years...
I'm referring to Shadowrun of course. wink.gif

eastern northamerica will be fairly quiet till the 2072 elections

seattle may finally get the balls to try and secede though

the NAN will start to Reinvigorate___CalFree will have to start thinking about who to throw in with then

Ameri-Inds(Montagnais/Innu & Inuit) and Anti-gov Quebecios will start to occupy the Ungava Peninsula from Quebec(maybe)

Aztlan may fragment further--(FREE TEXAS!!! AND CENTRAL AMERICA!!!)

The rest of the world will probalby be the real show

The Pendragon "Movement" Makes gains in GreatBriton

The first feasable "Spacer" Runners start operating by mid decade (moon, mars, and asteriod missions)

Lots of biz going down in Africa

And there is finaly a world map of shadowrun (Probably in the Neo-Militaite's guide to the Planet Earth) wobble.gif wobble.gif wobble.gif wobble.gif
oh and the ainu and uralic people's will try for independance/autonomy
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