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So what have people come up with so far beyond Shaman and Hermetic? I'm thinking of making up a Diabolist for a villainous NPC but I don't have my book yet (planning to buy it sometime around the 31st) and besides if someone has already done it better than I could . . .

Also what ever home brew paths are out there would be good to have on hand for my players.
FrankTrollman has converted many 3rd edition traditions (including spirits for said traditions) if you want to do a search on it.
Psionicist, but seems cheezy to have Willpower+Willpower for Drain. nyahnyah.gif However, I want my old ThoughtForms back.
QUOTE (Sphynx @ Dec 19 2005, 06:09 AM)
Psionicist, but seems cheezy to have Willpower+Willpower for Drain.

Emphasis mine:

QUOTE (p170)
Every tradition relies on Willpower to resist Drain. In addition, each tradition uses one other mental attribute (Intuition, Logic, or Charisma) to assist in Drain resistance.
I have some write ups of trads on my other comp. I was planning on posting them here for review, but the motherboard shorted.

I plan on re-writing them up, but the concepts were as follows:

Pain Mage(Charisma)

Rune Scribe(Nordic Tradition)(Logic)

Seid Adept(Charisma)


Poet Mage(Logic)

Focus Mage(Choose one: Tarot, I Ching, Ogham, Runes, etc)(Charisma)(In reality, after writing this one, I felt it would be better as an RP device, though some may disagree. For example, a Hermetic Mage of the Golden Dawn type using a Tarot deck to focus rituals and spells)

Lots of traditions people make could be considered able to fit into the rather broad categories of hermetic or shaman.. But these I made a little unique
Well, we have a Nordic tradition we're using, but we use Charisma rather than Logic(we treat it more like the old Shamanic tradition.) But that one was lifted almost directly from the MitS book.

Online, there used to be a website which described Tarot magicians. They ued Shaman rules....they didn't use Tarot cards as focus, but they actually got bonuses and penalties in accordance to the 'card'(called a Querent) they followed. They were based on the Major Arcana. I havn't been able to find this site for years, so i have been trying to rework it under SR4(I think it was made for sr2. It's been that long since i have seen it.)

Actually Seid is a Nordic tradition as well, however, it tends to be...below... the use of men. Odin practiced it, and was shamed for it.

As for the Rune Scribe, the purpose of Logic is due to the fact that each rune has meaning, especially in relation to others. While some diviners claim intuition plays a great part, in reality, the nuances and combinations need to be logically ordered into such things as Bindrunes, Rune scripts, etc.

I can agree with Rune Scribe being linked to Logic. Right now we are only working with one nordic tradition(the er, 'traditional' one, worshiping the gods as idols/totems or whatnot), but hell, i'd include something like rune scribe in there. Sounds cool.
Seid can be included as well, with all of it's mythological inclusions in there too.

I wonder if the flat out Odinist could be linked to Intuition instead of Charisma, saving that for Seid? I could see that possibly making sense.

And since I cannot, for the life of me, find that Tarot thing online, searching for many moons...I will recreate it myself, SR4 style. Here goes...if im feeling alright tonight i might be able to finish this in one night.
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