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What is everyones oppinion on including the old geas rules from 3rd?

What would you think would be an apropriate value for a geas as a Negitive Quality for a starting charicter?
It'll be along.

*shrugs* But TBH, given that Gaes were taken to keep a magic 6 person -at- 6, after the loss of said magic.. Well, I am not sure off the top of my head how SR4 handles magic loss, but I'd say the simplest way to replicate gaes as you are suggesting is to use negative qualities to get the BP's, and do it through roleplaying.

I kinda like how the new sistem doesn't automatically assume every mage is at the height of non-metamagical power.
Personally, I love the geas rules from 3e.

The only one that I could really muster up having a "problem" with is the talisman geas, as it's ridiculously little "sacrifice" to be able to still use your magic (or to purchase adept powers on the cheap). As an example, I was playing the "ninja adept" for S&Gs a bit ago, and using his extremely fancy (3 conditions met, in other words) sword and a very fancy ring, I was able to load him up with a "ridiculous" amount of powers. So to me, just the ease of getting a talisman to get "free" magic is a little bent.

I know, they cost money and you have to use karma to bond them, but in my mind, it's a hell of a lot easier to just pay the price once and carry/wear your talisman than to say, only cast or use powers at night. Also, there's the "chance of losing" the talisman, but honestly, what character can't easily get out of that one? My adept's ring, for example, was always covered by his gloves during a run. If he lost his hand he might lose the talisman, but in any situation where he's losing hands, losing a talisman is the least of his worries. Pendant on a necklace? Worn under three layers (form fitting, armored clothing, armored vest). As a GM, would you cheese to the point of telling the careful player "Yeah, um, the chain broke and it fell off yesterday, but you didn't notice until just now" after they took great pains to keep it secure?

But again, it doesn't really bother me except in theory, because as any good GM can sing to his players: Anything you can do, I can do better. biggrin.gif
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