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Full Version: Here's my idea for a multi-session campaign.
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emo samurai
The man who originally freed Deus from the SCIRE has formed a new company around much of the original code that eventually became Deus. For the time being, he is having the AI compile code for other companies and is using most of the money to buy hardware upgrades for the nascient AI. He eventually wants to build an Ultraviolet host and resurrect Deus, but a kinder, more community-minded Deus that is augmented with code from Mirage. It'll be like the Network from the Bruce Sterling story, "Maneki Neko." He wants the runners to break into the SCIRE and retrieve the superconducting diamond chunk (it's way too big to be called a chip) that makes up the CPU. Doing this will jump the building of the ultraviolet host forward about a year and a half, making the host almost finished. They'll break into the SCIRE with the help of a knowbot that the AI programmed for the UCAS government for the express purpose of shutting down security in the SCIRE in case they had to take on the corporation. They'll be paid based on how intact the chunk is, and the chances of the AI going insane will also be based on how damaged the chunk is.
cool idea it could be called Deus Reserection

Lokk at my comments on Leo's Great Work thread to get some more ideas
emo samurai
Where is it? Can you link to it?
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