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Full Version: Is there a Dragon totem? What would it look like?
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emo samurai
In the "Underworld" book, in the discussion about the Brothers of the Dragon, they talk about the possibility of a dragon totem. What would it look like? Would its spirits grant flight and stuff? That would be awesome.
IIRC it's laid out in Year of the Comet, the Children of the Dragon cult section I'm fairly sure. Since it's already floating about on the web in full and through programmes like the NSRCG here's the blurb,

Environment: Mountains.

Description: Dragon is a wily wyrm who sees the future laid out before him as a myriad of pathways. Rather than walking the path that leads to the goal, Dragon arranges the pathways so that they all lead to the goal, one way or another. Dragon is a crafty manipulator, subtle and far-reaching, whose every move has reprucussions that may not be seen for years to come. Dragon is a creature of terrible might, but he also a creature of balance who sees every action has a consequence and so strives ato achieve harmonious equilibrium.

Advantages: +2 Dice for detection & manipulation spells, +1 dice for mountain spirits.

Disadvantages: Dragon shamans must have a minimum intelligence of 6. Are overconfident and must make a Will (6) Test to change a course of action based on the advice of another. Are also hoarders and must make a Willpower (6) Test to relinquish possession on an item with value.

Edit: This is of course for 3rd Edition since it's from YotC.
Maybe it would look like a CyberZombie with a silver-blue Great Dragon astral signature? biggrin.gif
emo samurai
The dragon totem is awesome! Holy crap. I'll totally use it if I ever make a shaman.
I wanna take the path of riegh hehe.
Gothic Rose
Also, in SR3 there was the Wyrm Totem, which granted, IIRC, bonuses to combat and manipulation, mountain spirits, and its negative was that you had to sleep at least...I think it was 72 hours a week. Maybe more. You were a lethargic, lazy shaman.
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