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Full Version: The Long Lost London Sourcebook
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Drain Brain
Does anyone know if any of these ever come around on ebay? I've looked everywhere...

And for that matter, any ideas how much, if any, information on the UK we'll be receiving in the Euro book that we're all so eagerly awaiting?
Try doing a search through the used book networks, that's where I got half of my stuff from. From a quick scan I've found a couple copies in the US clocking in for 15-20 dollars. Not too bad considering exchange rates, even including postage.

Although to be quite honest, I never really found it to be very good. Just take every 80's steroetype - Thatcher on speed if you will - and drop the 2050's over it. Oh yeah, and write off a third of the country through toxic zones and pollutions. There, all set. smile.gif
All I can say is that if everything goes according to plan "Shadows of Europe" will have a chapter dedicated to the United Kingdom. In terms of size I'd assume "SoNA"-chapter size as a guideline (but don't quote me on that).

Regarding actual content, "SoE" (like "SoNA") should offer a lot of new stuff on England for both SR3 newcomers and the SR1 old timers. Nonetheless it does build on stuff in "London" (post-Thatcherian nightmare that it is), integrating it and giving them the odd twist, hopefully making it interesting for completists and newbies alike.
Drain Brain
It certainly does give me a sense of the warm fuzzies knowing that my home town is probably a toxic wasteland...

Oh wait... it already is...
I'd steer clear of the London SB, DB. I don't like it much at all... I couldn't even be arsed to finish it all the way through. Best to wait for SoE.
Drain Brain
Hmm... thanks for the warnings all...

Anyone know if there's anything of use here on the WWW? I'm looking for miscelaneous UK data to build my campaign.
They do show up on ebay from time to time, I picked up one up a couple of months ago on ebay as a matter of fact.

I will say this though, it's not one of the best sourcebooks. There was very little information in it that hasn't already been reprinted, and I'm sure with Shadows of Europe coming out it will be even less useful.

That said, it's still nice to have it, but I wouldn't tell anybody not having it is a serious SR crime. And the old school color plates in the London book happen to be some of my favorites...heh.
Arcanum V
There's one on eBay right now.

. . . And one in under "london sourcebook" in the Search bar and 4 used ones in's listings and 2 used copies in and 2 listed in
Drain Brain
notworthy.gif @ Arcanum V
actually, I picked up a copy on eBay about a week ago, and there were four others floating in around the 7-10 day range.

if there are others hunting besides DB, you might find one or two yet (I think a few were part of larger lots though.

this is what I get for not looking all the way down the thread.
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