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Full Version: Combat Biking?!?
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Hello Chummers...

perhaps you can help. I'm looking for better/good info on Combat Biking. Was there an old adventure that had the rules explained within (like they had for Urban Brawl)? I'm looking for resourse info on this subject.

Any info is appreciated.

Thank you!!

SR Gamemaster

Try to get ahold of a copy of Dead Air, an old SR novel (and one that I enjoyed more than most). It's got some good stuff, if you want an actual book-book.

For a sourcebook, take a look for Shadowbeat, in my never-claimed-to-be-humble opinion, one of the best ones ever.
Calvin Hobbes
Best you'll find is Sprawl Survival Guide and SOTA 2063. Both have pretty simple writeups. It's kind of like defining baseball or hockey in two paragraphs, though. I like to think it leaves room for you to customize to your universe.
Yeah, Shadowbeat would be your way to go. It contains a 3 page writeup on the game, including team roles, rules and more.
Kanada Ten
2026 - The World Combat Cyclists League is established. Combat Biking now has full league organization, established rules, and major media coverage. (Shadowbeat)

Rifleman wrote here

To paraphrase from Shadowbeat (and not get in trouble with Wizkids, hopefully), it's a weird combination of Capture the flag, football, and basketball based around a weighted flag/ball designed with a weighted bottom so the flag is always up.

Starts out in the center of a field on a drone going all sorts of directions making it annoying to grab, and a time begins for the play that is randomized between 30 and 60 seconds. The teams try and grab and then drag it downfield through an obstacle filled field to the enemies goal, defending by a goalie on foot but armed like any good troll panzer is. The only way around the obsticles is to take the skyway, a thin road over the top with no railing and raises up about a ten feet into the air. And you still have to deal with the goalie. Got eight people on bikes armed for various purposes running around trying to get the ball, defend, all those types of things.

Scoring is the key here. You get a point if you so much as have the ball in enemy territory when the clock runs out, three if you get it in the enemies goal. But if the ball is in your territory, attended or not, your opponent still gets that point. Possession for the next play goes to whoever had the ball last.

All the weapons are 'non-lethal' (Don't want to kill players purposefully after all. They are expensive!) but deaths are not unheard of.

Fouls are mostly to the tune of "If they are off thier bikes, you can't purposefully run them over/ shoot them/ so forth." and if you do get caught, you pull out immediately of the play (which continues) or the refs hit your kill switch for the bike. The only other interesting one is if you purposefully drop the ball, You leave play and the other team gets a point. No wusses or pointshaving, apparently.

If you can, find Shadowbeat. Full rules, and a lot of interesting details.

There is a list of teams somewhere, as well.
Thank a lot chummers. You've helped a bunch

WCCL World Combat Cyclist League Franchises of North America
Eastern Conference

-Atlanta Rebels
-Baton Rouge Red Devils
-Chicago Lightning
-Cleveland Commandos
-DeeCee Shurikens
-New York Marauders

Western Conference
-Los Angeles Sabers
-New Orleans Buzzsaws
-Houston Mustangs
-Oakland Hogs
-Seattle Timber Wolves
-Texas Rattlers

And just for fun as a part of a character background I made up a list of minor league teams for Seattle area and their team logos.

SCBL Seattle-Metroplex Combat Biker League (local/minor leagues)
-Downtown Wrecking Crew (skull wearing a hardhat over a crossed sledgehammer and combat biker mace)
-Tacoma Turbo (front end of a lance biker with speedlines)
-Bellevue Novas (fireball over a four point nova star)
-Everett Roadbusters (flaming motorcycle wheel busting through a section of roadway)
-Renton Hellraisers (Red combat biker helmet with devil horns over flames)
-Auburn Ultras (gauntleted fist holding a biker mace over a sunburst
-Ft Lewis Gunners (combat biker stylized UCAS army helmet over crosses M-22's)
Snohomish, Redmond, and Puyallup donít seem to me to have the business and industry nessecary to support a team so they don't have one.
Sure they do.

The Redmond Gangers. Their team colors are the colors of whichever go-gang is running it.
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