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Full Version: Stupid wording for Bioware
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Enhanced Articulation
Enhanced articulation provides its user with a +1 dice pool modifier on any test involving Physical skills that are linked to Physical attributes.

Reflex Recorder
The reflex recorder adds a +1 dice pool bonus to a specific skill or skill group (Combat and Physical skills only).
Rotbart van Dainig
So, strictly speaking, both implants are useless:

As there are no 'Physical skills' or 'Combat skills', just 'Physical Active skills' and 'Combat Active skills', they provide bonus dice to... nothing. grinbig.gif
I'll have to say that the wording in reflex recorders supports the idea that firearms are not part of physical skills. It would have been nice if they used the correct name though, ie "Physical Active Skills" which is a group of skills, rather than "physical skills", which is nothing.
the word Active is there, it's just in very small font smile.gif

Active just means "not knowledge" so you have to spend more BP (and I think karma) on them.

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