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I sent in an application and went through the whole process of enlisting back in October. I haven't heard a thing.

Is the program still hunting for Commandos for Shadowrun? If my run was rejected, would they inform me and tell me to reapply?

I'm running SR4 at a Convention in Toronto in February and I was looking forward to doing so as a Commando, but I'm not sure that that will happen at this point...

Anyone have any ideas?

Yes, we're alive, yes, we're still seeking more members to specifically run Shadowrun events. I've asked Clutch to check in on this, and hopefully he'll get a chance to post something meaningful here soon. smile.gif
I was going to do it, then the real world took over, and i had to work and be a father and take care of the wife and deal with BullFrag.

As is a hazard with all international mail, I haven't recieved SR13's application.

I'm sorry for the hassle and the delay, but it's an occupational hazard that does actually happen sometimes.

As Dunner said, we are actively recruiting SR Commandos for the roll-out of SR4.


Scott "Clutch" Taylor
Commando Coordinator
FanPro LLC
If snail mail is a problem can you do the sign up's via email or online?

Just a thought.
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