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Full Version: The lost years: Post-crash future history
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OK, so we all have our favorite plotlines and places from SR3, and witht he jump to SR4, several of these have been left dangling for 5 years. Even when there is a world to rebuild, five years is a long time for this stuff to take. We all want to know what has happened, and waiting for Fanpro to publish setting books to cover it may take for-fricken-Ever. They probably haven't even written most of that stuff yet.

So lets do it ourselves. What has happened in the last 5 years? How have things wrapped up, what nes things have started, who's who and where are they now? Post you theories, stories, and "Facts" here.

Here's my first contribution:

In shadows of Europe, the Vory and the Mafia were on the brink of a large scale mob war in France. The Marsailles Mileau, known for it's shoot'emup attitude, was getting pressure to reign it in from the Italian families. They were also allied with S-K out of convienence. The Vory had made serious inroads into Paris and the Europort border towns.

(Begin extrapolation)

After the crash, business continued as usual for about 8 months before the mob war kicked into full swing. (Everyone was too busy recovering from the disaster to kick sand at each other.) However, in late 2065, a group of shadowrunners kidnapped the Marsailles Don's Daughter for the Vory during a party at his estate. After a week or so, it became apparent that it wasn't a kidnapping, but a voluntary defection, as she provided inside information to the Vory. It seems that her and the son of the vory's leadership were an item, and she had sided with her new fiance over her father.

Rumor had it that the shadowrunners who had abducted his daughter had received their invitations to his house party from a fixer inside the one of the Italian families. He demanded that fixer's head, but the Italian families refused to give him up. The Don from Marsailles responded with an attempted hit on the Don in Italy. The Italian families responded in kind, and teh Marsailles Milue was now fighting a 2 front war.

As the Mob war escalated, it became impossible for the French nobles to cover it up, so they were forced to back mass Police crackdowns on mob operations. The mob responded by releasing a great deal of blackmail information they had on certain French Nobles. These nobles lost popularity and influence, and the resulting weakening of the nobility as a whole benifited the renegade noble, Prime minister Paladines (as the seers guild had forseen, which is why they had sided with her when she split with the nobility).

Backed against a wall, The Marsailles Mileau went to S-K to ask to be bailed out of the situation. S-K, however, decided to cut them loose, and make new arangements.

In February of 2066, Unknown assasins succeed in killing The Marsailles Don. Two days later, His daughter comes forward to claim leadership of the Family. She is supported by the Italian families, and has the weight of the Vory behind her. She personally kills a challenger to her claim in front of the family. They accept her leadership. The vory is integrated into the mafia structure in France. The french Vory, being made up mostly of ex-patriot russians, Is shunned by the Russian Vory groups, and a cold war between the Integrated and Non-integrated Vory begins.
Come on, peeps. There must be some other half-assed speculators out there.
Thats preaty good; but what about Eastern Europe? has there been any changes in Counties' Teritories or Borders? (Ukriane, Moldova, Romania?)
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