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Here's a few questions regarding the relationship between the hacker and their persona.

How does the position of the Hacker's body relate to the position of his persona?
Example when a Hacker enters a corporate building how does the persona location change if at all?

Also how can you change the position of the persona without moving the hacker's body?

Finally how do you represent the location of the persona if you are using a map?
A hacker's persona is physically in every node it is accessing. There's no way for a persona to not be in the hacker's commlink, but the hacker can project her persona into a soda machine in Malaysia if she wants to (and there's a matrix connection that goes to it).

If using a map and I wanted to keep track of a persona's location, I'd put little colored dice on all the nodes a character was interacting with. Personas that share one or more nodes can attack each other if that's what they want to do.

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