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Full Version: Photographic Memory
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I came up with this option to add to the Photographic memory quality.

If the character also possesses the Technomancer quality, then they may choose during character generation to be treated as if having storage space for their organic commlink. Once out of character generation this choice is permanent.

However, all their memories should be treated as files for the purposes of programs/complex forms, this means that they can be copied, edited, deleted, searched, etc.

I believe that this option shouldn't cost any extra, because of the potential damage an enemy hacker can cause.
It's an interesting propostion; even without the change it would make 'file searching' more amusing when your enemy wonders why you never copied anything (unless you need a physical copy, of course).

However, I would think with that in mind, only another technomancer would be able to reliably hack such a mind. It's not a real computer after all, and like with techno skills and hacker skills being inherently different despite using the same skills, the same would probably apply to techno's and their head memory.
I should point out that should someone have enough time or preparation, they can do that to you anyway - technomancer or not - as long as they catch you in (or can force you into) Hot ASIST mode. You make a psychotropic black hammer or black IC program that basically says, "All memories relating to X" or "All memories from time period X to Y" are null and void. Or, if they don't feel like coding that, the black hammer/IC says, "You will stay logged in here and know that this is for your own good. You will inform no one that anything is out of the ordinary."

And while they're logged in, the people that hit them with the IC take a remote ASIST biofeedback box to them.
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