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Full Version: Info on Greece/Crete/Thera area
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I'm working on a game that is going to have more and monre ED tie-ins as it is progressed through, but I'm trying to find more information on these areas so that I can present them properly. First off, where can I find info on these areas. I have SoE, and didn't really find what I was looking for in there. There's also some references in the SOTA books, but nothing specifically on Crete or Thera.

IIRC, there was some mention of revolt i Greece, then the racists and the metas having to fight side by side during the invasion/jihad. But other than that...

I remember that Sheila Blatavska has a 'home' on Crete, but other than that, I don't really recall having heard anthing on the area.

Anyone have any thoughts they feel like contributing?
Go look at the Immortal Elves 4th Ed style thread, I put some stuff in there. FYI Thera or Thira is more commonly called Santorini
Ancient History

Aargh, thar be Gorgons, Minotaurs, Satyrs, and Carebus Hounds out thar, matey! Avast!
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Dec 23 2005, 11:24 AM)
and Carebus Hounds out thar...

care-bus hounds AH? Does that mean that they're really big and friendly then?

Steve: the Santorini and Minoan civilization I knew about from some google-fu-ish research. just looking for some more info on the area in SR canon. Thanks, good stuff on that other thread.
there's no real information on Greece in SR. if you dig through SoE, you can find some good references--for instance, the fact that much of it is still a low-level war zone.
yeah, it was the digging and references that were bugging me. But thanks. Guess I'll just make it up.

And AH, the one time I did run a Greece run, I included the obligatory minotaurs and cerebrus hounds. But never Gorgons. That's just mean.
There's a bit on Athens in State of the Art: 2063, another couple of areas are mentioned in passing in the gambling section of State of the Art 2064 and Loose Alliances talk about a group of diviners that have incorporated to sell their services. There are some other bits and bobs here and there that I'll try and remember.
The Minoians start in Crete, right after Egypt. They have a capital, three armies and navigation of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Oh wait, you're not talking about History of the World? wink.gif
Updated the Wiki page for Greece. That's pretty much what I could remember and find in half an hour or so, so it's a bit rough and ready and there could well be things that I've missed. Hope that helps some.
Thanks, that was acutally very helpful. 'preciate it.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (mfb)
there's no real information on Greece in SR. if you dig through SoE, you can find some good references--for instance, the fact that much of it is still a low-level war zone.

Same with their neighbours in the Balkans. Pretty much Merc playground down there, although after the Rhapsody arc, there is some semblance of stability occurring in the northern part of the region, particularly in Serbia, Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slovenia with the fall of the Kovec Regime.

...that is at least in the canon I have been writing. Of course, SR4 kind of makes it all yesterday's news now.
Well the map on page 14 of Shadows of Europe gives us at least the names and general layout of the different nations in the Balkans plus there's a couple mentions of places in Rest of Europe section from page 40 forwards. The maps a little confusing in places thanks to a numbering error or two and the small size but it gives you the lay of the land at least.

Yet another that needs to get added to Sixth World Wiki at some point in the future. *Sigh* smile.gif Need to get the map scanned in as well or hit up Otaku Mike to see if he's still got any electronic copies left.
Kyoto Kid
I actually went out & bought a Michelin map of the region. Needed the distance scales for time purposes since the team was road tripping it (this is flaw in most Shadowrun maps, no scale). Also, In SoE, the borders of Croatia are a bit different then present day. Dalmatia (which is actually part of Croatia today) apparently appears to have seceded following the Euro Wars.

The fact there was little discussion on the region except for it being described as "Merc territory" was why I chose to base much of the action there.
There was possibly meant to be at least some information on the Balkans in Shadows of Europe but apparently Synner had a HD meltdown and lost most of the material, ces't la vie.
and you can make an adept called Herculese.
PNAoE lists a lot of awakened animals in Greece leading Juggler on p109 to finally declare:
"Don't think we can take any more of those gawd-my-buddies-got-geeked stories. At least not another one fromGreece. The Greeks are going to wonder what kindof hell we take their country to be."
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