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Full Version: Commlinks and Credsticks
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Those wacky Japanese and their forward-thinking.

BBC Article

The idea of a virtual wallet on your handset instead is coming of age and the education process is well under way. What it means is that you can ditch your smart cards, because they will all be stored on your phone instead. Shopping for groceries, renting a video, buying a drink, or going to the theatre can all be done now with your mobile.

WiFi hackers, start your (search) engines!
this is basicly just a rfid creditcard buildt into the handset.
from what i understand you cant read any info about how much money you have left to spend and so on from inside the phone itself.

hell, if you change your phone you have to get your card reissued onto said phone.

only reason we see this from japan is that docomo (the ma bell of japans cellphones) allso own a creditcard issuer and a bank. basicly you have all the services you ever wanted all rolled into one. i wonder where the anti-trust lawyers are...
Welcome to the beginning of the end, gentle(wo)men. Just think what will come from these new cred-phones: Credsticks, SINs, cyrberware... It's all gonna go down from here, man.
emo samurai
All we need is for the avian flu to kill most of the population and for magic to reawaken. Also, nuclear missiles have to stop detonating.
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