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Full Version: Matrix 2.0 Mod
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Almost every Shadowrunner interacts with the matrix in some form or another.
This mod is written to make matrix actions more accessible to characters who don't hack.

The Character's Persona

All characters are considered to be equipped with commlink unless otherwise noted.
The stats of that Commlink are below:

Signal - Charisma
Response - Intuition
System - Logic
Firewall - Willpower

VR Matrix Initiative - Iniution * 2 + 1
VR Matrix Initiative Passes - 3*

* 2 if using Cold Sim

These stats are also used by a Technomancers in this mod.
If the character does not wish to have a Commlink give them the Negative Quality Personaless +5 BP.

Matrix Skill Groups

The Matrix Skill Groups - Electronics, Cracking and Tasking - now are based on an appropiate Mental Attribute.

Tasking - Charisma.
Electronics - Intuition.
Cracking - Logic.

When one of the skills from that group comes into question use the attribute instead.
Since these skill groups where removed the costs of using programs have increased.

Programs cost 1 bp per rating.
This represents not only the cost of the program but the training in order to use it.
The maximum rating for a program is your logic attribute.

On Technomancers

Technomancers have been changed in three ways.
First, Technomancers buy the Biofeedback Filter as a Complex Form.
Second, the Technomancer's Signal is now based on Charisma as noted above.
Third, the Tasking skill group has been replaced with Charisma.

Note: The Technomancer's Resonance still restricts her Persona's attributes as normal.

Please give comments on what you think of this mod.
While I see what you are trying to do, I disagree with your method, primarily because commlinks and programs are material items, and should be bought by money, rather than based on a character's stats.
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