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Full Version: What music should I play?
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emo samurai
I know for sure some Chemlab for when the corp guards come in, and maybe Information High from Macross Plus for when someone does a large amount of hacking. What else, though?
Up to you, kind of depends on your group and what they like. I usually don't play much music at all or my group gets distracted, though we once had everyone make up CD's of theme music for their characters which was fun (just to drive everyone nuts mine was all country).

Um Chemical lab eh. Well you can find a lot of music from video games out there that would be good. The Bladerunner soundtrack can almost always be used. I sometimes use David Bowie's "Pressure" or the Jeopardy Theme music on players while they are making difficult tests. Chemical Lab seems a natural for the Chemical Brothers too. Let's see a greatest hits list of things played in my games could get pretty scary (or ridiculous) so I'll stop there for now.
Black Mamba
I am fanatical about background music during my games. My suggesstion is that, if you can afford it, is to get a membership to "Hearts of Space" radio program. The subscription cost runs about $40 for three months. You get acess to the the entire history of music played on the program. "Hearts of Space" play new age and ambient music, also known as space music. The programs often contain links to the various artist so that you can readily purchase the music that you like. My favorite artists so far are Steve Roach and Klaus Schultze. Steve Roach produces some very spooky, moody stuff. It's great for when you want to creep your players out. Klaus Schultze is the master of electronic music, i.m.o. I use his music to create the background effect for the overall Shadowrun feel.
I remember my last GM played industrial-style music (specificly Nine Inch Nails). I would say some of the songs fit nicely for some situations (like playing Closer when the Street Sam goes under the knife for bodywork again for downtime music).
emo samurai
Who's "Closer" by? And as for Blade Runner, most of it isn't energetic enough for me.
QUOTE (emo samurai)
Who's "Closer" by?

QUOTE (DigitalSoul)
(specificly Nine Inch Nails)
Im into the whole techno-industrial-metal sound, try the bands Turmion Kätilöt(hard to find outside of finland, though, their full length album is called Hoitovirhe..mind you they sing in Finnish but the music itself is perfect anyway if you don't understand it...some songs include Teurastaja(butcher), Kärsi(suffer), and Paha Ihminen(evil human)), the band Deathstars(who are a bit easier to find, and their videos have a very shadowrun feel to them, one of them is like some BTL gone bad or something, but musically they're awesome and with songs like Synthetic Generation and Semi-Automatic...), KMFDM is a great standby, as is Rammstein IMO.

Of course, some humor sometimes is needed, and during battles such hits as 'The Final Countdown" or 'Ready to Die' are good. grinbig.gif

For the pure metal, Iron Maiden is always great, but Bolt Thrower has a more 'new' epic battle sound, as in more guns than horses and swords(like Manowar, who suit D&D much more.)
emo samurai
Is it okay to bump on these forums?
Power metal is good for runs which are magic-oriented. DragonForce, Rhapsody, Hammerfall, Mannowar, and Blind Guardian work nicely. Runs that involve a lot of dirty work in the sprawls, espetialy when dealing with street scum and gangers (but not go-gangers and made men), old school rap works realy well. Run DMC, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, and any 'gangsta rap' from the East vs. West era are recomended. For upscale runs in corperate penthouses, five star resturaunts, and other 'rich people' places, classical and opera is the way to go. Try Beethoven, Mozzart and Bach. Most of the time, however, metal is the way to go. Metallica, Motorhead (I start every session off the 'The Game' to set the mood), Fear Factory, Godsmack, and Mushroom Head are what I recomend.
I'll double up on the opera or classical background music for ritz establishments. Also, good instrumental jazz works well when you want to add some flavor (like Matchsticks, which is a jazz club IIRC).

Other than that, Massive Attack, The Crystal Method, and Prodigy work well if used right. The beginning of that song "minefields" (or whatever it's called), by Prodigy totally reminds me of the Renraku Arcology music from the Sega Shadowrun game!

If you have digital cable, Music Choice is your best friend.
Depending on the mood! but generally industrial is good, frontline assembly, skinny puppy etc.. But then there's the gothpop elves, so you might have to dig up your old sisters of mercy cd's, joy division or the more obscure kind. Combat music, whatever you prefer, hard rock, metal, country or classical.

And I almost forgot what has become a dreaded staple of our groups musical exploits: Ini Kamoze "Here comes the Hotstepper"
OMG I am so downloading that for my character!

edit: if I can find it.
emo samurai
And I almost forgot what has become a dreaded staple of our groups musical exploits: Ini Kamoze "Here comes the Hotstepper" And I almost forgot what has become a dreaded staple of our groups musical exploits: Ini Kamoze "Here comes the Hotstepper"

I have listened to it. It is truly awful.
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