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Is this where House Rule ideas can be traded around and discussed without canon bashing???
nope , sorry, that only happens in PM's. smile.gif This space is open because no one has posted on Loose Alliances in a while ,so it's all archived. Good book, btrw, if you don't have it yet.
ahh, methinks if there already isn't there should be a folder started for such topics... might decrease accidental or purposfull bashing quite a bit.
try just posting as "house rule proposal, don't yell at me"

or... be like a duck and just let it roll off of you. everyone gets to express an opinion here, whether it's helpful or not. yeah democracy (more or less)
Both were great ideas, idea one sent forth in request folder. Idea two always kept in mind, have had to do that most of my life and have turned it into artform by now. However my nature can't help but worry about the well being of others and at least try to do something that helps everyone.
More Gangs, more orgs, more Pain thats what it brought to me.
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