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Full Version: [Dragons6thW] to deal or not to deal
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Never deal with a dragon??? WTF... I'm thinking unless a player continuously gets thier character frakked each and every session it's kinda inevitable that thier character is going to find themselves dealing with a Dragon eventually. And I may be wrong but I believe the Axiom goes "Watch your Back, Shoot Straight, Conserve your Ammo, and Never... Ever... Cut a Deal with a Dragon." simply put issokay to deal with Dragons all you want. As long as you A. Don't get a big head and think you've got the upper hand. B. Don't try to Backstab, Blackmail, Lie, Cheat, or Steal from said Dragon. or C. Don't give them the impression that you don't trust them, said character should be fine.

of course that's just my personal opinion on the matter, feel free to agree/disagree...

oh, and happy holidays to all, and to all a good flight...
one of hte new sourcebooks said something similar. Something along hte lines of "If a wizworm wants to involve you in it's plans, there isn't a lot you can do about it." it 's really jus emphasizing the point to not involve your self willingly. I've got a character that has done that once or twice, and always ends up getting screwed somehow . Still alive though. But it's never pretty. Really the thing to remember when working with a dragon is to have an exit plan for when things start to turn against you.
I've had a group of PC's insult Lung, The First and Last Time they said and then we created new characters together.
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