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Full Version: Anyone Need Shadow of Asia?
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I donno if this is the right place for this. If it gets deleted or moved, than I'll know its not.

I recieved a Copy of Shadows of Asia for the Holiday. Trick is I already bought a copy for myself not three weeks before. So I have two brand spanking new copies of the same book.

I could sell it on EBay, but i'm not really interested in the money. What i'd like is another Shadowrun (3rd Edition) book that I don't have yet. SO if you have a book you'd be interested in getting rid of, maybe we could swap?

I currently have:

3rd Edition
Magic and Machine
Cannon Companion
Shadows of Asia
Shadows of North America
Shadows of Europe

I have MITS and New Seattle on PDF, but i wouldn't say no to a hard copy of either.

So if this is something that interests you. lemme know.

what the hell? I missed shadows of asia? for the love of god.
Apparently you did, Mr. P.

Sic, what books are you looking for specifically?
Sic--Were MitS and New Seattle released as e-books?
I'm fairly open to pretty much anything. Things for particular interest to me would be SOTA '64, a copy of MITS (I only have the PDF and i can't find a way to get it off my work computer without getting arrested for stealing like 30 ink cartridges.)
I'd be interested in Rigger 3R, Corporate Download, Mr. Johnson's Black Book, Dragons of the Sixth, Paranormal Animals of North America. But there is alot of stuff out there I might not even know I want until I hear it. But the above were the ones I was thinking about.
I would think so McQ, I have both of them in PDF format, and it cost me money to do it. I'd tell you which company, but I don't remember.
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