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So this afternoon, there I am trying to get a little work done when I found myself wishing for a Select Sound Filter. I think the boss was just bored today because he spent most of the day back in the lunch area (which is immediately adjacent to the operations area), talking about but not actually eating the various Christmas goodies sent to us by various vendors. About midway through his monologue on whether or not the Grandmotherly figure embossed on the box of See's Chocolates that had just come in the mail was wearing dentures or not, I gave up on getting any work done and decided to post about how nice it would be to have a Select Sound Filter tuned to my GM's voice.

Anybody else come up with good office uses for cyberware (remember these could be great in character excuses for posession on your next brush with security)
hmmm... cybereyes with magnification for reading the fine print?

wired reflexes to boost your 'typing speed'? biggrin.gif (works with AR, don't forget).

cyberarm(s) to avoid carpal tunnel wink.gif

of course, some of these are (extremely) weak, but that's why you need a high con skill...
Popping your spur through a cube wall to shut up your cube mate is probably a big one.
cyber-cell (or radio) + that piece that translates thoughts into speach for said devices. Actually, a cranial deck would be nice. I'd totally IM whilst at work.
psychotropic ic for your boss to get hit with and then give you a cushion job making sure your entertainment system is sota at home.
The audio box thing with the increased volume so when I'm chatting with my neighbor about my personal hygene problems, I can regularly change frequency and volume and overcome select sound filters.

Wiz In Red
I do a lot of work with digital photographs and videos. I could use a camera eye along with a data link and some headware memory to increase my productivity (using headware, I wouldn't have to worry who has access to which network I could deliver directly).
Image Link for secretly veiwing porn at work.

What? You know you all do it.
QUOTE (BetaFlame)
Image Link for secretly veiwing porn at work.

What? You know you all do it.

Famous last words...
I can't believe nobody's mentioned a Math SPU or Encephalon yet. Not that it would help at my work, but somebody might be able to use it.

As for something that might come in handy at everybody's work: Mr. Studd.
And a jolt-alarmclock.

It could have other uses, too. Route it to your cyberears, and jolt you awake if you fell asleep and hear someone coming.
my work doesn't involve math higher then algebra, and frankly as a nurse if it ever involved anything higher, I'd be suprised.

Biomonitor for actual work and a few reference programs = )
Hmmm. I don't think the officer will accept that you needed your spur for office use. wink.gif

Hmm. I would go most definitely a sleep regulator. Wow. That would be the main one. I only have to sleep three hours a night!!!

I would cyber replace these crappy eyes and get the trimmings.

That would probably be it.
Oh I could get custom colored Eyes. with Digital Zoom and what ever else i can cram in.
On a related note, does anyone think that a lot of office workers would have some basic cyber above and beyond Datajacks? A lot of the time saving suggestions in this thread wouldn't be out of reach to the average worker, sure they might have to finance them and it would be in the Big Purchase category like a Plasma TV or high end Stereo is today. It seems especially likely in companies like Renraku where they might be able to get an "employee discount" and where it is expected that you surrender your humanity for the good of the "Renraku Family" an eye - ear package, some head memory, and a sleep regulator could easily be in the young corporate go-getter willing to mortgage his present to climb the ladder for his future.
Oh yeah, probably. Datajack, headware memory, sleep regulator, etc. would be a sign that you are 'tuned to the corporate philosophy', and the increased workload that you can do will probably be a factor in your promotion. Not to mention the bill you now carry around, courtsey of Renraku Corp. Finance. Doubt you'd see much beyond the basics in a secretary, but an up-and-comer would have a full suite of workplace cyber.

Personally (in addition to to spur to shut up the chatty-ass cube mate; pop that thing once and you never have to again), I'd take a nephrotic screen. No more Monday morning hangovers! grinbig.gif
I think i would also get that calcium treatment from SOTA 64, i'm really rough on my self urbaning it up on the bike.
QUOTE (TheHappyAnarchist)
Hmmm. I don't think the officer will accept that you needed your spur for office use. wink.gif

But it's a much more effective staple remover than that little pinchy alligator thing.
Yeah if i got the spurs it would be for the wolverine fan club.

TAke it to the extreme or insanity, what ever comes first.
Math SPU, encephalon, skillwire jukebox with the full engineering suite, sleep regulator for the I've-got-a-pack-of-kids-and-not-enough-hours-in-the-day, cyber eyes with full integration forthe SPU for reading and scaling drawings, etc. Move by Wire and a cyber torso with integral paper shredder and a third arm to hold the coffee mug.

Go go Gadget Engineer!
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