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Full Version: A weapon idea. Cloaked grenades.
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emo samurai
When you throw them, the PC's have to make a perception check (2) in order to see or hear them.
what's the theory behind that?
emo samurai
Don't they already have visual cloaking technology?
yes. it's a bit expensive to waste on a grenade, though.
QUOTE (emo samurai)
Don't they already have visual cloaking technology?

yes. it involves taking light going into one side of the object and displaying it on the other.

we have it now IRL, actually, but it's clunky and expensive.

in 2060, it's just expensive.

and still doesn't work too well on fast moving objects.

why you would spend several hundred nuyen.gif to cloak something that's going to blow up in 6 seconds, I don't know.

it might be worthwhile for air-deployed land mines though... maybe.
Why don't you feel that your PCs need to make a perception test of some sort for uncloaked, regular, mines? They are small and nondiscript and are usually flung around at times PC have more important things to be looking at (The sec guards with the SMGs).
Better for a rotor drone with a sound suppressed SMG if you ask me . . .
QUOTE (Clyde)
Better for a rotor drone with a sound suppressed SMG if you ask me . . .

LTA>Rotors when it comes to stealth. You can actually get away with zero emissions with LTA, and rotors are noisy.

internal ducted fans for propulsion, ruthenium all the way round, micro turret w' silenced weapon of choice, (depending on the size of the drone, anywhere from tazer/dartgun and silenced handgun, to supressed carbines.)
or just drug weapons....

Ruthenium grenades. Why didn't anyone think of that before?

Oh! And ruthenium-coated bullets would be hot, too. No one could see them coming, so no one could try and dodge!
Chameleon grenades are indeed cute (following the cham suit, -4 to spot them) but mostly unnecessary.

That is, unless your PCs are already snatching airburst grenades out of mid-flight and tossing them back at enemies.
Impact detonation for the win! Just cause its set to blow up after a short time doesn't mean it won't blow up when it hits your palm smile.gif
Oh yeah, have some fat guy in a big opera cloak throwing grenades disguised with small opera cloaks at people, while singing themes from Der fliegende Hollander (the flying dutchman). You could even get them (the grenades, that is) small Phantom of the Opera masks rotfl.gif .

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