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Full Version: What's it mean to run a program?
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Zen Shooter01
Your response is reduced by 1 for every x number of programs you're running on your commlink, where x is your system rating.

But what does it mean to "run" a program? Programs like stealth and armor I suppose are always "running". But what about programs like exploit and attack? Are they considered to be running just because you have them downloaded to your comm, or are they running only when you actually make a test with them?
You have to run them, if you like to use them. So if you like to hack, you need exploit. But once inside, you can unload it and run attack for example. Just in case you are attacked.

There is some nice hacking example on the forum with all loading and unloading programs.
Link to Hacking Example
Does system count?
QUOTE (ogbendog)
Does system count?

I do not think so.
I would say NO, since system isnt in the program list p.226-227

the other nudges I'd have is when I look at p.233, for thechnomancers:
System is logic, as an attribute, it is not refered as a complex form.

So, I would say, NO, system doesnt count.
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