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Ancient History
It's getting near the turn over to the next year, and it's time like that I like to look back. To old editions, that is. For your pleasure and perusal, I'd like to present a pair of documents that I made for Shadowrun Third Edition.

Off the Shelf details ten grimoires and texts for a magician's library, ranging from the mundane to the fantastic.

Grey Places describes five magical locations your runners may run across in their travels.

I hope these works find favor in your sight, my friends and fellow shadowfans.
Good work as usual
a damn fine job, now wheres my coffee?
God damn you're amazing, AH. You light my imagination every time.
Just out of curiosity AH, how does the learning/translation of the spells Wynda’s Sketch Book apply to your interpretation of the Chaos tradition as presented in MitS?
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This is rich! LOL!
Ancient History
A Chaos magician follows a specific Path-> hermetic mage, shaman, houngan, wu jen, etc. Generally speaking, the Path is more significant than the tradition.

So a Chaos magician who is a shaman can use the spells as-is, while a Hermetic Chaos mage would have to translate them.
Yes Deep, very deep.
Thank you smile.gif
Public Domain Spells: “Can’t get much cheaper than this, my friend.”

Ummm... at price of 500¥, yes it can get cheaper. Two of the other tomes in the file are cheaper: Principles of Magical Mathematics at a price of 250¥, and Variant Techniques for Summoning Ally Spirits at 50¥, a tenth of the price of Public Domain Spells.

A pile of dog-eared, yellowed, stapled printouts that'll set you back 10 times as much as a slim hardback? No wonder "talismonger" falls just behind "Mr. Johnson" and just ahead of "used car dealer" on the list of professions the shadowrunning community perceives as most likely to rip you off.
Ancient History
That's 500 nuyen.gif for seven Force 1 spell formulae. It's a discounted grimoire, the other two are overly-expensive textbooks with no spells.
Yeah, but when you look at those seven spells, they're of questionable use at best. (force 1 slay western dragon?) I suppose you get your money's worth out of the force 1 astral barrier spell, since buying that one seperately would set you back the cost of the stapled printout, but I'd think I'd still feel like I was getting ripped off.
he said "cheap" not "a good bargain". sometimes, you get what you pay for.
Yeah a bargain bin grimoire would rock.
QUOTE (RunnerPaul)
they're of questionable use at best. (force 1 slay western dragon?)

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

Better than Force 10 Wreck (Sun).

Ancient History
Well, they might have been published at higher Force, but you know how SOTA can take a toll...
talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.
Ancient History
So, anyone up for a roadtrip to Carhenge?
QUOTE (Ancient History)
So, anyone up for a roadtrip to Carhenge?

um no.
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