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Full Version: Election Fever
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Okay just been perusing SoNA and I noticed that the CAS should be up for an election in 2070. (SoNA mentions Nov. 62 as being an election)

So I was wondering what with the New revolution winning over the UCAS (probably) will they make a move for the CAS, who else will be the major players? Are there any ancients present in the CAS to influence things?

Any thoughts?
MK Ultra
What makes you think, they (NR) have not allready taken controll in the CAS? System Failur does not give much Info on the Time after the Crash! Wished, they had put in a decent History 65 throu 70, since SF was released after SR4 annyway frown.gif . Could have been a good 1st SR4 sorcebook instead of just an outdated champain
I would say all of the major parties outlined for the CAS in SoNA would be involved in an election campaign. Additionally most of the nations bordering the CAS could also be doing their best to influence things, Aztlan being a possible target of military action, the UCAS just because, the PCC maybe to increase the pressure on Aztlan. Ghostwalker could easily have some interest in a CAS election as well, not necessarily to run but to get the "right" person in office. Of course all stripes of political agitators will be active, New Revolution, Humanis, INOD. As far as Immortal Elves go, I can't recall any living in the CAS but Tir Tairgire just can't seem to keep their nose out of everyone else's biz.
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