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Much better than the first, in my humble opinion.

The lack of firepower when entering the NAN was a little goofy, but that was my only major gripe.

The rest could be reasonably chalked up to the newbie-ness of the main character.

That's out already? I'm surprised. Although I probably shouldn't be since they were done for Duels a while back IIRC, so not need for waiting around intervals inbetween. Care to expand on the lack of firepower bit?

I thought Born to Run was the most recent one, is Poison Agendas the sequel to Born to Run?
QUOTE (McQuillan @ Jan 4 2006, 09:53 PM)
is Poison Agendas the sequel to Born to Run?

Yes. I'm suprised at how little they're marketing this. I had to go to an obscure corner of the WizKids homepage just to find that link.

And despite the date listed on that page, I saw this on shelves last Thursday.
Yep, I bought it just this week in a local bookstore.
Wow, I got Born to Run just last week.
QUOTE (Poison Agenda preview)
The elemental spirit was a thin figure clad in dark rags that were swirling
and flapping in the wind along with its long, wild hair. It looked like a hag, with
a pointed chin and nose, eyes black pits lit by glowing spots of electric blue light.
It opened its mouth and screamed with the wind, extending hands like bony
claws as it fought against the aircraft’s engines and against the power of Lothan’s
banishing spell.
(emphasis mine)

Call it pedantry, but Banishings are by definition not spells.
Say what you will about his writing, but you'd think Kenson would know better. I wonder if an editor slipped that in.
Hey, thanks for the heads up. I had no idea it was even out, yet!
Listed date is "January 2006" and I happened across it in my local Borders.

Happy reading. grinbig.gif

is there a official link for the new novels coming out?
never mind i think i found it, in a post above.
no i did find it i mean.
QUOTE (nick012000)
Call it pedantry, but Banishings are by definition not spells.

...Except in SR4, when banishings are called "High Force Stun Bolts."

MK Ultra
Is anything known about real SR4-novels staged in the 2070´s to come out?
WizKids haven't finalized plans for further novels. They have 6 novels -- two of which are already out -- in this current deal with ROC, and they've said that after those 6 novels, if they continue publishing, they'll move into the 2070s.
What age group was the Shadowrun Duels game aimed at? I ask this because the writing style of the new Shadowrun novels is decidedly more juvenile (in a marketing sense) than the old. If I were to take a guess, given the length, substance, and writing style, the books appear to be targeting ~14-15 year olds. This personally detracts from the enjoyment I received from them, though it did only take me two hours each to read them. I suspect that if the remainder of the six novels have a similar feel, the planned series might end rather quickly. Compare "Born to Run" with "Never Deal With a Dragon" and see the difference.

This isn't Kenson's fault. He's a better a writer than the novels would indicate. I'm guessing he was ordered to target a younger demographic, and used that style of writing as a parallel of the lack of experience of Kellan Colt. But I'd hope for a change after that initial trilogy.

I have never been a Shadowrun gamer, but have read all of the original novels multiple times. IMO the original series went down hill as the writing crew changed and the "mythology" of the series was exhausted. The latter books, though decently written, were more episodic. Gamers might appreciate books that celebrate the run, but I prefer these to be interspersed with those that tell us more the deep mysteries and secrets of the Sixth World. The new novels need to be targeted at an adult audience and be building towards something, with a good mix of shadowrunning action, world building, and cross-novel plot thread development of real significance.

Market? Hell does SR get advertised anywhere but on the net, or by word of mouth? I've never gone into a gaming or comic shop in West Michigan, and I've hit a lot of them believe me, and seen an SR poster, display or what not. Not in 17 years.
Alas this is too true the advertizeing for Shadowrun is very light.

it would be great if Fanpro could do some heavy advertizeing but I doubt they have the funds.

so alas it is up to Wizkids which of course bounces over to Hasbro I think so you run into the problem of getting the big corp to advertize a small product which they probally see as pointless reguardless of how good a product it is.
WizKids is not owned by Hasbro -- WizKids is owned by Topps. Wizards of the Coast is owned by Hasbro.

FanPro does regularly print posters that we give out at conventions, and game stores are able to obtain them for a minimal fee if not free at any time of the year.
Hasbro, Topps same deal both are big name corps nither one Topps in this case will spend money to advertize Shadowrun the way Hasbro advertizes D&D which I see tv ads for and ads on the big screen at my local movie theater.

This I feel is a bit of a let down to a really great game.
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