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Do dwarves and trolls have normal vision in addition to their thermographic vision? I glanced through the book and didn't find any mention that either race had one thing or the other.. Also how far away does this vision go out,or regular vision go out for that matter.?
Yes, everyone gets normal vision, unless they are blind.
QUOTE (Habco)
Also how far away does this vision go out,or regular vision go out for that matter.?

As far as LOS allows. This is not D&D with specific ranges on weird vision. Thermograph probably drops off a bit short of normal vision except for really hot things. Not sure on the physics of this sort of thing so not sure how far IR rays carry.
Any interesting little itdbit is that according to the canon novels (specifically Changeling) Trolls at least (and I would assume dwarves) see both at the same time. So they see normally, and see the thermo on an overlay. Sounds confusing as hell, and it was to the kid that goblinized into a troll in the story.
It would be confusing as hell if you got it all of a sudden, changeling handles that really well, but if you grow up with it you'll be used to it.

On a side note there are few things that are more fun than roleplaying sudden changes in a character, it's such a shame that goblinization has mostly stopped, though surge was fun.
SURGE was weird for our group. The GM rolled, we all watched, and only one person in the group did not SURGE! Ended up running with a bunch o' FREAKS!.

It's fun having their contacts go down and come back as something else to. Or not come back....

had one guy that was a bit on the small side, bit of a little man complex around larger runners (he was their fixer) and he SURGEd into a minotaur. real big change (pun intended) for him.
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