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Full Version: Shadows of Asia.
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Ok i just read part of the book just on the yakuza scene ,glanced at other parts of the book and was amazed at the thought and culture thrown in this amazing book.

With Akira -Watada looking for a succesor and all the complications with it, my favorite example he made it clear the Henzo Shotzumi would not be getting a peace of the asain pie while he was still alive.

Ninja's attack Henzo roll initiative.

I must give out some serious respect to every one who put in some info in this book.

I thank you so much because i wanted to know more canon info about this part of the world.

Thank you again.
MK Ultra
As Asia does play a big part in cyberpunk in general, I think, it was about time. I was allso quiet satisfied, that no part was left out, as had been done with east europe, mostly, in SoE.

So what is this threat suposed to be about, without spoilers?
i just had to fill in the blank on the subject heading, it's more of a Thank you post.
MK Ultra
Ah, ok. So thank you writers for finaly including this vast continent into official canon. All in all I was very pleased.
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