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anyone seen any more on this? Obviously if its just been announced the cost will be astronomical now, but its potentially so kewl I just had to share it...
You could probably do better, for cheaper, with a setup like this guy came up with.
and for the second one, you dont even need a laptop, it could be done with a desktop, if you happen to game in the same room as your computer is in
Wow eek.gif . That level of nerdiness is hard to beat. For my part I can understand the setup but not his use of it. Seems time consuming like hell. If I had that setup Iīd let the players move around pawns of their characters on the board, and Iīd sit back with a stylus drawing up whatever was happening around them from my chair. Improvising as I went along. Thatīd be very useful actually.
this is in the area of insanity.

isnt there something called battlemats that you can buy?
that allow you to draw on them with the right type of pens.

ok, so it can be nice to have a map in all its glory with stairs and all that but still, the cost is a bit much...
Hobgoblin--Yes there are battlemats, the best ones that I've found are by Chessex, and yes you just write on them with wet-erase markers.

The target audience that was unveiled in the second example is probably the type of group which uses CC2 and Dundjini to make all of their maps. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but the demographic that has the time and resources is probably fairly small.
QUOTE (hobgoblin)
isnt there something called battlemats that you can buy?

Battlemats? How quaint. That's like so 20th century.

plus it's bad if you suck at sketching.
That doesnīt matter. Itīs like saying teachers who are bad at sketching shouldnīt draw geometrical figures on the blackboard.
We found (stole, actually) a dry erase marker board and use it as a table top, sometimes.
We found (stole, actually) a dry erase marker board and use it as a table top, sometimes.

That tempts me to ask Alex and Z if they could get their hands on one for our group...
Hmmm dry erase table top....
Man I thought we had the hook, but man that link my nefarious alter ego posted (I'm on to you Runner Paul!), has made green with envy!

Disclaimer: Sure Runner Paul was here first, but ha I beat him to the registration last time they wrecked this boards programming! Ha! (Sorry dude I am just in a jovial mood.)
Robotech Master
QUOTE (Lindt @ Jan 9 2006, 01:35 AM)
Hmmm dry erase table top....

... That's acctualy not a bad idea...

It'd be really useful for planning runs.

Now, to find a giant dry erase board, and some wood...
Plexiglass. It works fine over a 2x4 battle mat.
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